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Searching for Meaning in a Time of Little Inspiration

It perhaps comes as no surprise that lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve fallen out with blogging and social media generally, in fact. It hasn’t been that I don’t have anything to say, if anything it’s been the opposite; there’s so many themes and ideas I’ve been wanting to explore that organising my thoughts seems almost impossible – especially alongside designing for the brand and working through all the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of running a business. Now that a lot of loose ends feel like they’ve been tied up, it seemed right to dedicate more time to writing.

I’d love to say that as an artist, I’m never stuck for inspiration – in a way this is true, there’s countless ideas I feel the need to explore and develop but sometimes the motivation to do so just isn’t there. The past few months have been that way, and quite frankly it felt like time I did something about it.

Back when I first started Hex & Henbane, I didn’t want to be designing patterns for the sake of purely creating something beautiful, I wanted them to mean something. I wanted to use my designs to capture a period in history, telling the story of that time, each collection forming its own world.

Reminding myself of this has got me to the point I’m at now – the need to research, explore and create has returned, and I’m enjoying my work perhaps more than ever.

In terms of blogging and social media, it feels right to start using it as a platform to spread knowledge and creativity. Be this through sharing the work of others, or by researching and writing about themes, ideas and individuals which feel important to me, I’d like to use these platforms to create a more inspiring environment for everyone.



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