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Dare to go Dark: Top Tips for Taking Your Decor to the Dark Side

When it comes to interiors there's perhaps nothing as controversial as going dark; we're often told to keep our homes light and neutral and to 'think of the resale value' as if a coat of dark paint is the worst thing that can happen to a room. But what if light and neutral just isn't for you? After all, shouldn't our homes be an extension of ourselves and showcase our personalities?

Making any big change to your interior can feel intimidating - sometimes making smaller changes first can help you to build confidence and let your style begin to evolve. When it comes to experimenting with dark colours the thought of decorating a whole room can feel like a huge commitment but it really doesn't have to be. A simple way to ease into the process is to start with a feature wall. This doesn't have to be just a single flat wall, it could be a chimney breast, alcoves or even panels. These smaller areas are perfect for experimenting with rich, dark colours or a bold patterned wallpaper and are often a quick and easy way to breathe new life into your space.

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A common misconception is that rooms with little natural light must only be decorated in light colours to make the space appear brighter, however this often has the opposite effect. Poor lighting will often make lighter colours appear shadowy and cold rather than creating the light, airy space you'd envisioned. As a consequence, embracing the darkness and opting for rich, jewel tones and introducing warm mood lighting through lamps and candles can create a cosy, welcoming space.

Similarly, it's often said that dark colours will make a room feel smaller, however in reality a dark painted room can actually feel bigger with the colour adding a sense of drama to the space. Experiment with colour drenching - where the ceiling, walls and woodwork are all the same colour - to create a chic, modern space that coccoons you. Even just painting the woodwork to match the walls can create the illusion of extra height, elevating your room.

Rich, jewel tones can create a cosy living space

You don't have to re-decorate to introduce dark colours into your home. Simple updates like new curtains, soft furnishings and accessories can be an easy and budget friendly way to revamp your home. Style tactile velvets with dark wood and metallic finishes, or introduce pattern through cushions or art prints. Most importantly, remember that your home is your sanctuary - your interior is a place where you can have fun, explore your style and inject your personality into your surroundings!

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