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Seasonal Changes: Quick Interior Updates for Spring

As we celebrate the Spring equinox and the return of longer, lighter days, why not use this time to inject new life into your interior? The Pagan celebration of Ostara at this time marks the beginning of Spring and symbolises a time of new growth and rebirth, be this literal or figurative; this is the perfect time to freshen up your home, declutter and set new habits for the season ahead.

Switch Up Your Soft Furnishings

As the sun begins to show it's face again, it's time to lose the weighty throws and blankets and the snug scatter cushions for the season and instead embrace light, natural textures and fibres. Layer luxurious linens with light wools and sumptuous silks for a fresh, airy feel or switch out darker, rich accent colours for lively brights or pastels. Styling your home for the seasons doesn't have to involve gaudy holiday decor - keep it simple and play with colour and texture to try and encapsulate sunny spring days.

Light and luxurious: linen is perfect for Spring and Summer. Shop handmade linen cushions here

Shop Your Home

Updating your interior doesn't have to be at a cost - shop your home and instantly freshen up your styling. It really is that simple; just by re-arranging what you already have, pairing different items in different rooms and getting creative with your styling you can inject a new lease of life to your interior. Let your creativity run wild with this one and you might just surprise yourself with the difference it can make!

Introduce a Fresh New Fragrance

There's more to your interior than appearances alone - enchant the senses with a new home fragrance. Replace warming, spiced scents with fresh and fruity florals and breathe a new lease of life into your living space this spring. Scented candles are the perfect way to introduce a new fragrance; not only do they smell divine but there's nothing more relaxing than the gentle flickering light. Choose your fragrance to lift your mood, ease your mind and allow yourself to be transported to long, warm summer days.

Enchant the senses by introducing a new fragrance to your home

Tick Off the Snag List

And finally, now is the perfect time to box off any unfinished projects and put all those pesky little jobs to bed! Isn't it funny how the smallest tasks often take us the longest to get round to? This is your sign to touch in that paintwork, put up those art prints and add your finishing touches. Once you start ticking off the snag list, it'll be done before you know it - I promise!

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