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Spring Refresh: 5 Reasons to Decorate With Green

As the days get lighter and hints of new growth signal Spring is on it's way, why not take inspiration from the natural world and inject a touch of green into your home?

  1. Improve Your Mood

In Colour Therapy, green is widely recognised to have a calming effect and is often used to promote relaxation - why not harness this restorative power in your home? When used as the main colour in a room, green can help to create a well-balanced atmosphere, perfect for restful spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. Modern life can often feel hectic with little time to stop and unwind, so perhaps now more than ever it's important that your home is your everyday sanctuary - a tranquil place to escape.

2. Bring The Outdoors In

In Japan, the practice of 'Forest Bathing' is used to boost health and wellbeing; a simple way to destress and unwind by taking time out of daily life to immerse yourself in nature. Reflect this practice in your interior by choosing a bold, botanical wallpaper or soft furnishings, layer natural textures and accessorise with houseplants to create your own green haven. Lastly, light a scented candle with woody or floral notes and enjoy your little piece of the forest at home.

3. Timeless Style

From light and airy modern interiors, to dark and delicious Victoriana, green has been a popular choice for centuries. Whether you're drawn to a soft sage or a bold mallard green, these hues are classics for a reason - they just never seem to go out of style! With it's healing connotations, perhaps it's no surprise that green is a colour we just keep going back to in our homes.

4. Versatile Colour Pairings

Whether you want to create an elegant pared back, tonal scheme or go bold with colour blocking, greens can do it all - after all, you could say they're natures neutral! A pastel sage green will pair equally well with soft pink as it will a burnt orange or deep petrol blue, and for timeless decadence why not pair a rich, deep green with luxurious brass finishes. Undertones and lighting can also work in your favour - do you want your space to feel light and airy, or warm and cosy? Is your lighting bright and natural, or warm and artificial? Do you want to accentuate the lighting in your room, or counter it? These questions will help you think of the colour in the context of your room, and help you make an informed colour choice.

5. A Green for Every Room

Not only are greens versatile in a colour scheme, they're also versatile within the home. Dark green kitchen cabinets exude a timeless elegance, and green metro tiles make for a perfect Victorian inspired bathroom. A light and airy green bedroom is the perfect space to relax, meanwhile a warm mid-tone makes for the perfect backdrop for a cosy, inviting lounge.

Here at Hex & Henbane, it's perhaps no surprise that we love green decor, and we hope that these quick tips have inspired you to try it in your home. Let us know how you'd style green in your space!

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